Name is Finn Hudson
Hey! Nice of you to drop by my blog. Tumblr is totally awesome.. Anyways! Name is Finn Hudson! I'm was a army mechanic.. Now I'm just a broke musician. Trying to make it and working something out with UMG.. I don't know how I got here, but it was worth everything I had

See that short bruntette? Yeah, she's mine.

A Night Out In The City || Finn & Quinn 


Quinn looked up at him as he agreed with the plans for the night. MacLaren’s was nothing special, well not compared to Central Park at night. It was adding that to something like going to MacLaren’s for a couple of drinks that made the whole night seem so much better. She also thought going to both places with Finn made it better as well. He was a nice, sweet guy who she felt comfortable around despite there not being many moments the two had with just the two of them and he wasn’t bad looking either. Quinn let out a small laugh at the mention of the seeing the sky. One of the downsides of growing up in New York was that she never really got the perfect look up at the sky in the grass. Well, not without being caught. “I think that’s the reason I love the apartment complex so much. It’s got a great view and who doesn’t love a great view?” Quinn asked with a smile as they walked. As they continued to walk, she wondered just how long it would take for Summer to come around again. She loved winter, she really did but it was definitely nicer to walk through the streets at night in summer. Quinn started to speak against him putting his own jacket on her because she knew that he was going to feel the cold air hit him and that wouldn’t be great but she stopped herself. For as long as she had known him, he had never seemed like one to take back a gesture like giving a girl his jacket on a chilly night. Instead she smiled up at him and said “Thank you, Finn.” Her smile stayed on her lips as he spoke about his job. There was nothing she wanted more in this world than to have her friends doing something that they loved and not stuck in a boring job they hated. “That’s all you can really do,” Quinn said softly before looking back at the path in front of her. “That’s not to say that you won’t get the job because let’s face it, I don’t think they can get anyone better for it than you. But even so, it’s always good to keep your hopes up.” Her eyes stayed ahead of her, keeping her mind on nothing but the sidewalk. It was easier to do that than to think about something that she shouldn’t. She blamed the fact that her last boyfriend had been at least six months ago that her mind went to that place. Quinn turned her head to look at Finn, thinking of something to say to him, when she caught his eyes on her. It was one of those times when the power of telepathy would come in handy. She knew that choosing a black dress like this was bold and she did wonder if she looked as good as she thought she had. Not letting her insecurities get the better of her (well, not too much anyway), Quinn shook it off and let out a breath as she glanced back as she pushed the door to MacLaren’s open. As the two of them walked over to the booth that they all usually sat at, Quinn glanced around at the bar. It wasn’t too busy so she knew they wouldn’t be waiting for anything too long. Quinn listened to his question as she slid into the booth, letting out a little laugh before looking up at him. “I’ll just take a beer. Thank you, Finn,” she replied as she shrugged off his jacket and laid it down next to her so he could put it back on later. Watching him, Quinn couldn’t help her mind as it went to the same place it had been during the night. She had no idea what would happen between the two but she did find herself hoping that something would, whether it be a simple kiss or something else. Quinn knew that it was probably all in her head but there was something between them, wasn’t there?

Finn smiled at the blonde who was sitting in the booth. “I’ll be right back with your beer.” He said and started to walk off to the bartender. Finn still couldn’t believe that he was out in the city with Quinn. He was almost in shock that he was. Quinn was the most beautiful girl in the world to him. Even if she was wearing no makeup or anything.. She still was. He couldn’t help but laugh at the memories that he had when he spent time with her over at her apartment when he was taking care of her. The times where he would run and out get some food because she craving it,and the times that she wanted to watch a movie with someone. As he continued to remember everything he couldn’t help but think that they were almost like a couple when that happened. He wasn’t the father or anything, but he was taking care of her like one.. Or like a father figure.. Or something. Finn turned back over to the blonde sitting in the booth and looked at her from the legs up. She was really, really attractive by nature, and now that she had that dress. She was almost going to be irresistible. Add some alcohol and eventually he would want to get close to her, and maybe that was his intention for the night.. The both of them were going to Central Park in the dead of night.. Something was bound to happen. Sure, going there was almost going to be like if they were kids or something, but those nights were always the best ones, right? The nights that the both of them felt like they had no worries in the world, and they did things their age.. But also incorporated some innocent things. Of course, Finn couldn’t help it if anything would happen between them during the night. Finn got the two beers, walked back over to the booth and placed their beers on it as he slid inside the booth. “You know.. You really do look beautiful tonight.” Finn said with a smile.” Seriously. If there was a word to describe the way you look right now, it would be sexy and beautiful.. And it has to be two because honestly, one isn’t enough.” He said with a smile as he sat down across from her. “Well.. Hows everything with Beth? I haven’t seen her in a while.. Not since that one night when you asked me to take care of her and all.” He said putting his beer in hand and remembering something. “Oh! Here’s to a night of us.. And only us!” He said with a smile, clanking his beer with hers and taking a quick swig.