Name is Finn Hudson
Hey! Nice of you to drop by my blog. Tumblr is totally awesome.. Anyways! Name is Finn Hudson! I'm was a army mechanic.. Now I'm just a broke musician. Trying to make it and working something out with UMG.. I don't know how I got here, but it was worth everything I had

See that short bruntette? Yeah, she's mine.

A Night Out In The City || Finn & Quinn 


It had been a while since Quinn had been out to MacLaren’s. Not that she didn’t love spending time with her daughter and Puck but it wasn’t the same as having just one night out at the bar with her friends. She needed a night like that and the opportunity to hang out with Finn was just like icing on the cake. The two hadn’t spent that much time together alone but when they had, it had been quite fun. It wasn’t as if she was going to say no to getting to know him better either. They may have run in the same circle of friends and he may have dated one of her best friends but she hadn’t realized until now how little she knew about him. They should have hung out together more often but things always had a habit of getting in the way. Well, that was definitely going to change tonight or at least she hoped so.

Realizing she had just been sitting there and staring at her phone, Quinn shook her head and stood up. She had no idea what to do or what to wear but she knew that going out in her pyjamas wasn’t the right idea. Stripping out of her pyjamas, she chose the cliché but always good, little black dress. It was the perfect dress for MacLaren’s and for Central Park as well. She also knew that she looked good in it as well. Quinn checked herself in the mirror, fluffing up her hair a bit because while it was just a friendly thing between her and Finn, she still wanted to look her best. After reapplying the make-up that she hadn’t yet taken off from the day, Quinn shut down her laptop and slid her important items into her handbag. She made sure to kiss Beth goodbye, even though her daughter had fallen asleep hours ago, because she was going to be away from her and that was still hard on Quinn. She pulled her jacket on and made her way downstairs from their apartment to wait outside for Finn. There was something good about this season, it was actually kind of perfect for her. Spring in New York was beautiful to her, not as beautiful as Fall, but still beautiful.

Finn closed hi laptop and laid back for a moment, soaking in the fact that he was going to go out with the one and only Quinn Fabray. He knew that her and him were friends of some sort, but spaced out. Finn could remember the times that she when she was pregnant, and stayed over to take care of her. The memories were still inside his head, even though it was years after everything had happened. There was times where he had to make her bacon for dinner, and times where he would watch a movie with her and watch her fall asleep. Quinn was a becoming a mom at that point in time, but even then she was cute, and beautiful. Over the course of it all, and when he walked in as she held her baby in her arms, he couldn’t help but smile. He always knew that she was beautiful, but something about that moment wanted him to get to know her more. To get to know her better than anyone else, and be closer friends. Sure, he stayed over a few times to make sure that she didn’t need anything during the night, and left in the morning unnoticed, but it was just a friendship and the fact that he cared for a mom to be. Finn’s head glanced over at the clock hanging on the wall, got up, and went over to his closet. Putting on a button down shirt, a blazer, some jeans and some nice shoes. After putting everything on and spraying on his favorite cologne. He walked out of his apartment and started making his way to the building that Quinn resided.

  Finn walked to the building in a few minutes time. Only being delayed by some halt signs as he finally got to the building. His heart started to pound up against it’s cage when he got closer and closer, but why? There was no reason for it to do such a thing. Sure, it’s been a while since his last encounter with a woman, and even more rare was a sexual encounter, but he knew Quinn wouldn’t do such a thing. Even if, he didn’t want to do it because of the fact that she already had done that once, and nine months later gave birth. It wasn’t on the top of her list, and he would rather do it with someone he had a connection to than anyone else. Sex, was sex, but there was times where it just wasn’t sex. Making love was the thing that he was more into. Rachel and him didn’t do that often when they were together, and even if Rachel was usually tired and didn’t really need the attention. Finn walked down the block and he noticed a familiar shade of blonde standing outside in a little black dress. The thoughts inside his mind went crazy after he noticed her legs and what he would do with her if they had this night alone. Of course he couldn’t let his thoughts get that far. “Quinn..” He said walking over to her with a smile. “You look.. Beautiful tonight.” He said flashing a soft smile and standing in place. ” I mean.. Really.. I know black dresses are common, but.. You kinda give it a new meaning.”